"My vision is to help chefs & restaurants

around the world to fully unleash their culinary power

so that they can stand out in the market"

- Wayne Hyun

About Me

If you own a restaurant, and you are stuck at where you are for a very long time, you are not financially growing, staff shortage, minimum wage increase, all these problems that are extremely hard to go through by yourself, it’s time to make a change in your business

Team HYUN consists of restaurant marketing experts, award winning creators and operation experts that help restaurants to 10X 20X their traffic and ROI using data based strategy and social media advertising. We do all the backend work so that you can focus on things that matter more.

I Don't Work With Everyone

My spots are extremely limited because not only I put 100% focus on you, but also I only move forward with those who can "actually" benefit from my service.

*I ONLY work with restaurants that's hitting at least $100K /month